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300 E Ocean Blvd
Long Beach, California 90802

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Description: Located in the center of Long Beach’s downtown waterfront and entertainment district, the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center features over 400,000 square feet of modern, flexible exhibit and special event space. The Center continues to innovate and improve its facilities to match the city enhancements taking place around it. Long Beach has become an innovative leader in creating “a new essence of meeting style,” perfecting an open, comfortable environment where attendees can easily connect and collaborate.

A recent $60 million modernization has created a new model for the contemporary convention center of the future. This dynamic repositioning is designed to give guests a warm, stylish and welcoming social experience. With the needs of today’s convention attendees in mind, the Center’s lobbies and hallways have been enhanced to create mini meeting spots and networking pods where attendees can sit, talk and socialize. Electronic, Wi-Fi, and technology upgrades provide everything even a high-tech convention group could ask for. Free Wi-Fi in the public areas allows attendees to go online to work or connect with their social media platforms.

Long Beach is a “trailblazer” in the creation of cost-saving “turn-key” special event spaces. Each venue comes packaged complete with pre-installed professional theatrical/event lighting and sound systems, saving tens of thousands of dollars in rental and installation costs. Modern, stylish and eye-catching décor elements are also available to the planner, including furniture, bars, fire towers, fire tables, lighted ping-pong and other games, and many more decorative options, all owned by the Center for their turn-key venues.

The Center’s turn-key venues were inspired by the innovative TED Conference, which Long Beach hosted for five years. Their incredible ingenuity at creating memorable “Wow Factor” event spaces sparked interest in being able to offer that level of creativity to all of the Center’s meeting planner clients while cutting costs astronomically.

The “Pacific Ballroom” at the Long Beach Arena, the Center’s first turn-key venue, has become one of Southern California’s hottest meeting and special event venues, boasting maximum event usage in 2017. With 45,000 square feet of floor space and built-in professional LEDs, stage lighting, and sound system, the Pacific Room provides an intimate environment for dinners, concerts, and special events for up to 5,500 people, fully customizable to match any planner’s imagination.

The Terrace Plaza comes complete with programmable “dancing waters” fountains. Planners can customize their own musical water shows for their clients. Permanent theatrical stage lighting and sound systems can be customized along with a choice of furniture and décor. With magnificent downtown skyline and waterfront views, The Terrace Plaza is the ideal outdoor venue to experience Southern California’s near-perfect weather. The Plaza can be coupled with the elegant Terrace Theater Lobby for an indoor-outdoor venue that is unforgettable.

The Center, once again taking a cue from TED, reinvented the entryway area for the Seaside Ballroom, creating one of the Southland’ s hippest new party spots. “The Cove,” is a simulated under-the-pier motif, the perfect place for a Southern California Food Truck Party. Decorated with giant-sized street murals, crystal chandeliers, giant starfish and other underwater decorations, this space comes alive night or day. The Cove’s event footprint is expandable from 500 guests to 5,000.

The adjacent Rainbow Bridge connects the Center’s Campus and is a functional art piece that can be used for special event functions. Its canopy contains more than 3,500 LED lights that can be custom programmed for breath-taking musical light shows.

Features: Audio Visual Services, Auditorium-Permanent, Bus Loading/Unloading, Bus Parking, Catering, Computer Rental, Decorating Services, IT Lines, Pre-Function Space, Security, Speaker Ready Room, Sports Arena, Storage Facilities

Guest Services: ATM, Bar, Business Center, Charging Stations, Cafe, Casual dining, Coat Check, Concierge, Data Ports, Fast Food, First Aid, Formal Dining, News Access, Online Exhibitor Service Desks, Parking, Public Lockers, Public Transportation Access, Taxi Cab Access

Green/Environmental Initiatives: The Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center welcomes thousands of visitors every year and is one of the first green arenas in the U.S. This facility has 5,800 solar panels atop 400,000 square feet of meeting and event space. The convention center strives to conserve natural resources with recycling and energy-reducing initiatives.The Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center installed cutting-edge LED technology around the property, reducing energy costs while adding color and personality to the building. Both the Long Beach Terrace Theater Fountain and the Center lobby’s glass atrium and glass palm trees at the Pine Avenue grand staircase utilize multi-colored LEDs to illuminate and enliven the visitors’ experiences.

Exhibit Halls, Terrace Theater and Center Theater all have “cool roofs” on them. These roofs act as insulation when outside temperatures are cool and also retard heat during warm sunny days. Solar panels were installed on the roof of the Exhibit Halls in September 2006 and to date, they have produced enough energy to provide power to 21,500 homes for a single day. The energy that has been provided by these solar panels has also resulted in the elimination of the pollution that an average passenger vehicle emits over a period of 49,000 days. Attempts to decrease energy consumption are also made through the participation in a special program with Southern California Edison called the Demand Bidding Program. Under this program, the facility agrees to reduce energy consumption by a specific amount during certain high demand or shortage periods and in twenty (22) days of participation in 2007, the equivalent of power to 2,840 homes for a single day was provided as well as eliminating the pollution for an average passenger vehicle for the equivalent of 6,460 days. Fifty (50) waste containers that are specifically identified for recyclable materials are located within the facility. A majority of the lighting fixtures around the facility have been retrofitted to accept high-efficiency bulbs.

Instead of washing down areas with water, the areas are swept by either hand or mechanically. Motion sensors control all lighting in the meeting rooms of the facility.

Lighting in the Exhibition Halls is reduced by fifty percent (50%) during move-in and move-out periods of events.

Landscaping waste is composted and utilized as mulch.

We have a Tennant scrubber that doesn’t require the use of chemicals for cleaning purposes and the waste product is biodegradable.

Three projects approved by Southern California Edison were completed in 2012 that resulted in an annual reduction of over 40 kWh.

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