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What is is a registry-free and commission-free search engine for meeting professionals. Planners can search for destinations, hotels, meeting facilities, special event venues, and service providers. Additional resources including links to industry organizations and trade press, news updates, and an industry blog are provided.

Why should I use

It's an easy to use research tool that saves you valuable time finding what you need to plan your event. Searches can be as specific or broad as needed to locate destinations, facilities and service providers. Each listing provides direct contact information, so buyers are directly in touch with sellers.

Visit About Us to access helpful meeting planning tools.

What is the 24-hour RFP Response Guarantee?

Meeting planners who send their RFPs through automatically receive the 24-hour response guarantee.

Within 24 hours, planners will know that each property received their proposal, and when to expect a response. (The CP RFP Valet® Team sends a detailed email summary).

And, best of all, since is commission-free, meeting planners use these services for free!

What is RFP Valet®?

A free way for planners to save time and receive personalized RFP assistance. Meeting planners tell us their meeting needs via email and our expert staff (over 25 years of meeting experience!) contacts you.

We work with you to review your requirements and find the right suppliers. YOU decide who your RFP is sent to. We send the RFP for you and even take care of the follow up - but the decision is all yours.

Real-time RFP Responses are then organized on password protected virtual chars. Each chart is customizable for individual meetins and needs. Submit an RFP to use this serice my emailing or Here

Is there a cost involved in using is not a 'third party' and we do not accept commissions. Showcased listings and Display Ads have fixed annual fees that are paid by our advertisers. There is no cost to use our site or any commissions or hidden fees.

What if I prefer to work through my National Sales Office representative?

You may continue to work with your National Sales Office representative and still use When using RFP Valet®, simply indicate you would like to send your RFP to NSO's. This process will save you time since you can reach all of your NSO's with one email to!

Is only for planners of conventions?

"Convention" is a catch-all term that suggests formal gatherings and includes providers for all sorts of events, meetings, and trade shows. In fact, many small meetings are booked through our site.

Is personalized assistance available, or is all the information online?

Our team consists of industry veterans that are available to offer free personalized assistance with your search or help in designing an RFP for a specific meeting. Contact Co-Founder, David Markham, at or call 866-922-8988 for prompt assistance.

How can I be assured that my RFP will be responded to? receives copies of all RFP's sent through the site. Meeting planners will receive an email summary detailing when properties will be responding within 24 hours.

What if I do not see the property I want to send an RFP to?

New members are added frequently. Call the RFP Hotline at 866-922-8988 for assistance locating new vendors not yet listed in the search directory. Links

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