Global Tools

Planning meetings internationally is a lot more complicated than domestic meetings. We've compiled some of the most requested resources for planning international meetings, including useful tips, conversion tables, exchange rates, time zone maps, and more.

Airline Fees

  • Ultimate Guide to Airline Fees (from Smarter Travel Media LLC)

  • Area Codes & Country Codes
  • 1+ Area Codes & Country Codes

  • Conversion Table: Miles and Kilometers
  • Metric

  • Currency Exchange Rates

  • Global Meeting Tips/Checklists
  • 10 Must-Ask Questions When Choosing Local Suppliers for International Meetings (Carol Krugman, MEd, CMP, CMM, Metropolitan State College of Denver)

  • Time Zone Maps
  • Event Planner Time Zone Map
  • Time Zone Map
  • The World Clock Meeting Planner

  • Weather

  • VAT Recovery
  • CEI - Global Tax Reclaim Specialists





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