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Meeting Planner Testimonials

"I have discovered fabulous tools for meeting planners – the ConventionPlanit.com RFP Valet® and their sourcing services. Our team has used it a few times now and with their RFP Response Guarantee we're assured of receiving prompt quotes and concessions from selected hotels and resorts. Best of all, it’s free and costs nothing in commissions or fees. It’s not too good to be true – check it out."

Darlene Lyons, Executive Vice President
T3 Events Group
Ladera Ranch, CA

"I've utilized ConventionPlanit.com’s RFP Valet® a few times now and couldn’t have been more pleased with their terrific team and streamlined services. After answering a few questions about our requirements, I quickly began receiving quotes and concessions organized on an online chart. Best of all I didn’t have to re-key my specs and there were no hidden commissions or fees like other online channels. It's a fabulous free service for planners that source their own RFPs."

Aggie Kobrin, Director
CEC Global
Irvine, CA

"ConventionPlanit has been an invaluable tool in the site selection process. Not only does RFP Valet® streamline the information and make everything easy and accessible, but the staff goes above and beyond to provide personalized service. From hotel and location recommendations to facilitating communication, their team truly fosters relationships. They have been an incredible resource and assisted in me in choosing standout locations which I may not have otherwise considered. I can’t thank or recommend them enough."

Cecilia Ferrara, Associate Director, Seminars, Colleges and Webinars
American Association for Justice
Washington, DC

"When it comes to meeting venues, we always find what we need on ConventionPlanit.com. Their RFP Response Guarantee means that I get bids when I need them without chasing them down. Best of all, our rates are not impacted with any commissions or hidden fees. I am a huge fan of their services and think they are super useful!"

Elizabeth Carter, Senior Enterprise Event Planner
Cambridge Investment Research, Inc.
Fairfield, IA

"I’d used a number of different sourcing software prior to ConventionPlanit. I’d spend hours filling out an online form that couldn’t be changed if you received an update, or researching the venues to source for the lead and worst of all when you’d export the results it took so much time to make the information client ready. ConventionPlanit’s RFP Valet® Team does the work for you. Their team gathers the information from your word document or email and creates the online RFP and reaches out to those CVBs, NSOs or individual properties that you identify. Their team always follows up if responses have not been received by my deadline. I don’t have to touch up the results report as everything comes in a very easy to read format that’s also simple to export. I can’t tell you how much more efficient sourcing has become since working with ConventionPlanit and their time-saving free resources."

Sarah Hutchins, CMP - Senior Project Director
Meeting Management Services
Washington, DC

"For the third consecutive year, I reached out to ConventionPlanit’s RFP Valet® Team to assist in obtaining quotes and concessions from four-star beachfront resorts in Florida for our winter meeting.

With a firm room rate threshold to contend with, their team was invaluable in quickly obtaining multiple offers from properties that met our specifications and rate parameters. Their service saved me countless hours researching and obtaining quotes myself. We are now under contract for our next meeting and have great contenders for future years.

As always, the RFP Valet® Team took care of the heavy lifting and made my job so much easier. It’s a great service and best of all their portal is completely free."

Trish Williams, Assistant Vice President
Pride Philanthropy
Jasper, GA

"While conducting research online recently, I came across ConventionPlanit.com and sourced an RFP through their RFP Valet® team. What a great experience! After answering a few questions about our program, I started receiving online quotes (and declines) through their system. From the responses received, I was able to quickly narrow down to a short list of potential host properties at which I conducted sites. If you don’t like retyping your RFPs and are looking to save time, I recommend you check out their free services. You’ll be glad you did."

Kelly Kempton, Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Free Market Medical Association
Oklahoma City, OK

"ConventionPlanit.com is an incredible resource for meeting professionals. Until recently, I was unaware of their no cost, hassle free services and wanted to share their tools with colleagues. Thank you for providing a time saving, stress-free platform."

Pamela Wimmer, CMP, Business Development Specialist
Tax Practice Group at Eversheds Sutherland
Washington, DC

"Where has this site been all my life? I didn’t know about ConventionPlanit.com until I was approached by one of their staff and I have shared their commission-free business model with other planners in my office. They were all thrilled that there wasn’t a ‘catch.’ It seems that nothing this good ever comes along without a catch or a fee but you proved that meeting planner dreams can come true! I’m sure you’ll have more of our staff heading your way for RFP sourcing assistance in the near future."

Kelley Atkinson, Director of Conference Services
Association Services Group
LaGrange, GA

"I recently learned about ConventionPlanit and contacted their offices. After their team reviewed my requirements and I answered a few questions, I sourced an RFP for a rather large, however, very short term program. Through their RFP Valet® service, I was able to quickly obtain quotes and concessions and narrow down to a short list of suitable properties at which I conducted sites. If you’re looking for a real time-saver, I encourage you to check out their services which are completely free without any hidden fees or mark-ups like other online channels."

Chip Stockton, CMP, CEO
Conference ConCepts, Inc.
San Diego, CA

"I recently had an important client who needed to place a group near Capitol Hill in D.C. over a specific set of prime fall dates. After striking out with my own contacts, I reached out to ConventionPlanit’s RFP Valet® Team and within a few days went to contract with a property that could accommodate both the group’s preferred pattern and room rate threshold. Unlike other RFP portals, there were no hidden fees or commissions. It's a fabulous free service for planners who source their own RFPs."

Roberta Sumner, Principal
VRS Meetings & Events, Inc.
Falls Church, VA

"One of our Senior Staff attended the ASAE Annual Meeting and first learned about ConventionPlanit. After conducting a short phone demo to become acquainted with their website, I sourced two meetings with their RFP services. I was able to quickly obtain quotes and concessions on an organized chart for each of my meetings. A resort that was of particular interest was able to bid more competitively and win our business because there was no commission to pay like other RFP portals. I highly recommend this free service to other meeting planners. "

Maria Velasco, CMP, Meeting Planner and Membership Coordinator
Alliance of Community Health Plans
Washington, DC

"I learned about ConventionPlanit.com earlier this year and sourced RFPs for two future Annual Meetings through their website. We typically obtain quotes from several destinations, and by using their RFP Valet® service, I was able to obtain quotes and concessions which were compiled on a streamlined chart. Their tool made it easy for me to narrow down my search and saved me many hours researching hotels appropriate to host our programs. Best of all, there were no hidden fees or commissions."

Cheryl L. Jamison, Executive Director
Association for Conflict Resolution
Columbus, GA

"As an independent planner, my clients rely on my personal attention to the details of their programs. When I’m sourcing their meetings, I go right to ConventionPlanit. They are an extension of my staff and get me results quickly and expeditiously. The best part is there are no hidden commissions or mark-ups to worry about. Couldn’t do it without them!"

Annette M. Suriani, CMP, Chief Meeting Strategist
AMS Meetings Solutions
Fairfax, Virginia

"I recently had the opportunity of working with the ConventionPlanit RFP Valet® team and utilized their sourcing tool. I was able to obtain RFP responses from various destinations which were compiled on a streamlined, online chart to easily compare quotes and concessions. The free service they were able to offer was a major help and best of all there were no hidden fees or commissions. I highly recommend their services to other meeting planners."

Renee M. Amans, IT Technician, Americas
Danfoss Group IT
Loves Park, Illinois

"Recently, I had an opportunity to work with the ConventionPlanit.com RFP Valet® team and their sourcing tool - what an amazing experience. The tool was easy to use and the reports were easy to compare quotes and concessions. When it came time to present the hotels to my client I was able to call ConventionPlanit and talk through some of the options with a "live" person who could point me in the right direction, that was the best feature for a meeting planner who may not have knowledge about that particular city. It's a fabulous free service and I would highly recommend to all meeting planners."

Karen Catino
Independent Planner
Norridge, Illinois

"Tracking multiple responses to RFPs can be a hassle. They arrive in different formats and sometimes it’s hard to compare apples to apples. But the ConventionPlanit.com RFP sourcing tool solves that problem by providing an easy-to-use template that makes it easy to compare proposals."

Valerie Sumner, Principal
VRS Meetings & Events, Inc.
Falls Church, Virginia

"I love ConventionPlanit.com! Instead of taking extra time to research future sites/venues and cities, it is truly a one-stop-shop that has all the information I need. The best thing about the site is that the customer service far surpasses the site itself. If you need something specific, the team is willing to help you and goes above and beyond!"

Carrie Abernathy, CMP, CEM, CSEP, Lead Meeting Planner, Industry Engagement
Altria Group
Richamond, Virginia

"I have worked with the ConventionPlanit.com RFP Valet® team for the last few years, and it has helped me get quotes and contract with several destinations that have been perfect for our meetings. I also like that the responses were organized with their RFP sourcing platform and none of this cost me anything – there were no commissions or hidden fees. I strongly recommend this free resource to meeting planners."

Angela Jolliffe, Professional Events Planner
Expeditionary Learning
Palm Harbor, Florida

"I’ve been working with ConventionPlanit.com for a few years now and appreciate their personalized services. Most recently their RFP Valet® team helped me secure a host hotel in the New York City area for a high-end pharmaceutical client. The best part of their services is that there are no hidden commissions or marked-up fees. They are a tremendous help and I highly recommend them to other planners."

Carol Bittner, Meeting Coordinator
BCD Travel
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"I recently used the ConventionPlanit.com RFP Valet® service for the first time, and it saved me a lot of time and hassle! I received multiple pages of responses which were collected and compiled to easily compare quotes from a variety of service providers. I especially liked that I did not have to have to re-key our specs like some other e-RFP programs require. I would highly recommend this free service to both meeting planners and tradeshow managers."

Kasey R. McNeil, Senior Manager, Meeting Operations
American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
Alexandria, Virginia

"Making the RFP process efficient is what it's all about, and that's what ConventionPlanit does really well. Their RFP Valet® team is wonderful – I don't have to rekey my RFPs - and their staff makes sure I get prompt responses from all the properties submitting quotes. Best of all, it doesn't cost me anything in fees or commissions."

Tammy Sullivan, Principal
Meetings, Inc.
Arvada, Colorado

"I recently used the ConventionPlanit.com RFP Valet® sourcing tool. Quotes that came back were organized so I could easily export them to my client. Best of all, the RFP Valet® Team reached out to properties that were slow in submitting their quotes to ensure that I got what I needed in a timely manner. I would highly recommend this time-saving free resource to all meeting planners."

Aisha Walker, Conference Manager
Westover Consultants, Inc.
Silver Spring, Maryland

"I have been using ConventionPlanit.com for several years and have found the site and the team behind it to be a huge help to me! The personal RFP Valet® service has been great in assisting me with both domestic and international venue selection. Utilizing this service saves me time, and with planning more than 68 training meetings last year, and even more planned for this year, I don’t have time to waste. I also participated in the ConventionPlanit.com hosted buyer group that went to IMEX Frankfurt. The networking opportunities and face to face contact between qualified buyers and sellers was invaluable and will help me to do business better and faster. I would recommend this free resource to any planner."

Kathy Spencer, Director of Training
Prosci - Change Management Learning Center
Loveland, Colorado

"I recently learned about ConventionPlanit.com while doing a Google search and I’m so glad I found them. After answering a few questions from their team about my requirements, my RFP was sent to select hotels and bureaus in the Southeast that met our criteria.

With their online RFP Valet® sourcing system, I was able to view quotes in real time, which allowed me to quickly narrow things down to a short list. Best of all I was able to negotiate directly with the hotel without markups or hidden fees to worry about. I would recommend this free service to any meeting planner."

Julee Peck, Owner
Peck's TaeKwonDo America
Frisco, Texas

"Tasked with coordinating several identical trainings to be held simultaneously across the U.S. with a very short lead time and requiring per diem rates and an exhaustive list of meeting considerations, I needed to quickly gather bids from several hotels all at once. The ConventionPlanit.com RFP Valet® team stepped in and provided recommendations to assist me with clearly outlining our needs in our RFP and was instrumental in getting leads out to its network of partners. As a result of their efforts, I was able to obtain several strong options for us to consider. I found their team to be very resourceful and thorough; providing constant updates along the way, which I truly appreciated. Also, I love that their services are F-R-E-E!"

Carrine V. M. Todman, MTA, CMP, CGMP, Meeting Industry Consultant/Event Strategist
Washington, DC Metro

"One of the best things about the RFP Valet® service is that you can use it to quickly obtain multiple quotes for a meeting that might only be weeks away. I had a great experience using this complimentary service to plan a short-term meeting. Now I am planning to use it for another RFP. I would recommend this free service to meeting planners without hesitation."

Jody Wright, Divisional Human Resources Director
Emeritus Senior Living - South Central Division
Dallas, Texas

"I am so glad that one of the ConventionPlanit.com representatives called me recently to introduce me to this great online search directory. I tried their complimentary RFP Valet® service and was able to obtain several bids in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area for a short term meeting for a new corporate client. I especially like the personal service I received, and that all the properties listed on ConventionPlanit.com pay a fee to be listed, which means there are no hidden commissions or marked-up fees. It’s a great service I would recommend to anyone."

Judi Tarpley, CMP, Groups/Meetings Agent
Williamsburg/America Travel Management
Atlanta, Georgia

"I'm really glad I found ConventionPlanit.com at the Affordable Meetings Mid-America show this year. I just love their complimentary RFP Valet® service! It was easy - I answered several questions to identify our needs and qualify the best prospective properties to bid on our program. Then they put me in touch with them and I did the rest. I especially like that their services are free with no commissions or hidden fees to worry about. I'll be recommending their site to other administrators in our offices."

Diane J. Hall, Manager, Administrative Director for Graduate Programs
Neuroscience and Cell Physiology University of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois

"I received a call from one of the ConventionPlanit.com meeting specialists, who introduced me to the site. I am so glad they called and told me about it, because I soon used their complimentary RFP Valet® service to obtain quotes from several Washington, DC properties for our staff retreat. The process was easy and I like that ConventionPlanit.com puts buyers and sellers together and does not charge any commissions or hidden fees. I highly recommend that all meeting planners try this free service."

Irene T. Masa, Manager, Board Administration
Graduate Management Admission Council® (GMAC®)
McLean, Virginia

"I have used the complimentary RFP Valet® service three times now and every time I get great results. It saves me time and money and I love their commission-free model. I would recommend this free service to any meeting planner."

Corina Fernandez, Executive Assistant
CO-OP Financial Services
San Bernardino, California

"When we’re looking for meeting sites, reasonable rates and total transparency about any additional fees are critical to us. ConventionPlanit.com was perfect because of their commission-free business model. Using their complimentary RFP Valet® service cost us nothing, yet we received personalized service with several competitive quotes from their Colorado members in a matter of days. I’ve presented my recommendations to our client and a host property will be selected shortly. I will definitely be coming back to you for other meeting site searches."

Katrina Smith, CMP, Director, Events & Member Services
Caruso Group International
Centennial, Colorado

"In this world when personal service is at a premium, ConventionPlanit.com comes through on the top! I discovered them at the Affordable Meetings Expo in Washington, DC, and the friendly staff has helped me with three meetings across the United States. Each time they asked me targeted questions to qualify the best properties and then put me directly in touch with them. I really like the fact that ConventionPlanit.com charges no commissions – they just put me and the vendors together and they are always there to make sure I obtained the quotes I needed."

Lorraine Roscoe, Corporate Event Planner
Palm Harbor, Florida

"My office colleague found ConventionPlanit.com doing a Google search and suggested we try it. What a great decision that turned out to be! We had very specific requirements and needed a deluxe property in downtown Washington, DC for a group of high-level physicians. The ConventionPlanit.com RFP Valet® service zeroed in on just what we needed and we selected a property in just a few days. I highly recommend this free service to other meeting planners."

Melissa Betancourt, Senior Project Coordinator
ConvaTec U.S.
Skillman, New Jersey

"I am so glad I found ConventionPlanit.com online. I needed to identify properties in Las Vegas and Dallas for a group that was a bit price-sensitive, and I had to do it in a short timeframe. So I used their complimentary RFP Valet® service, which was great. Then our meeting dates changed! But ConventionPlanit.com got me through it and we received timely quotes from their members. I will definitely use this service for future meetings!"

Lori Little, Training Coordinator
King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

"I learned about ConventionPlanit.com at the Affordable Meetings Mid-America Show. What I love is that I can easily research hotels on the site and then send an RFP attachment directly to my top choices with a single e-mail. Then I negotiate directly with the hotels with no commission or markup, yet ConventionPlanit.com is there to help if I need it. I will definitely use this free service again in the future."

Alan Soell, Owner
ABS Enterprises
Evanston, Illinois

"I was planning a meeting in the Caribbean for our company and needed to find an all-inclusive resort property. ConventionPlanit.com quickly lined up several quotes from some leading properties, and we'll be picking one soon that is perfect for our meeting. Then they sent me a $50 American Express®-Branded Reward Card as a thank-you for using their complimentary RFP Valet® service! It seemed backwards – I thought I should be sending THEM one for how helpful they were!"

Sue Palesh, BU Coordinator
Alcan Medical Flexibles Americas
Chicago, Illinois

"I had to line up competitive bids for an upcoming meeting within 48 hours in destinations that were totally unfamiliar to me - definitely a prescription for stress! But ConventionPlanit.com took the stress out of it - with one phone call we launched an RFP through the complimentary RFP Valet® service. Within just a few days we were able to select a Four Diamond property for our program. Now that I have had firsthand experience with the quality of properties in the ConventionPlanit.com portfolio and the impressive turnaround time, I will definitely be using this service again in the not-too-distant future!"

Marilyn Watson, Executive Assistant
Dare Foods Limited
Kitchener, Ontario

"Broad distribution of RFPs can be such a hassle. This time, I took care of it with just one phone call to the ConventionPlanit.com RFP Valet® service. I received quick quotes from multiple properties in several cities for a group with over 2,500 room nights. I will definitely use this service next time I need to send out an RFP."

Barry M. Cohen, President
Landmarc Events, LLC
Alexandria, Virginia

"When you want to save hours and hours of time (and who doesn’t?) ConventionPlanit.com can do it. I sent one e-mail through the RFP Valet® service to solicit proposals for the RRS Annual Meeting. It was a big project that reached out to multiple properties in nine cities and ConventionPlanit.com produced amazing results - we received 166 proposals to choose from! It allowed us to quickly narrow our search to a few target cities. Plus, it was all free! ConventionPlanit.com is awesome!"

Kathy Votaw, Executive Director
Radiation Research Society
Lawrence, Kansas

"As a meeting planner, it’s important to me that commissions are protected when I’m working through third parties to identify properties. That’s why I was so delighted with the complimentary ConventionPlanit.com RFP Valet® service. They simply put buyers and sellers together and get out of the middle - yet they are still there to ensure we receive prompt quotes. It’s a great service I would recommend to anyone."

Kate McCaw, Executive Director
Patriot Meetings, LLC
Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

"I love the complimentary RFP Valet® service; I sent in my specs, answered a few questions and that was it. Right away I heard back from ConventionPlanit.com and we worked together to identify several high-end New York City properties for my Fortune 100 client. I can't believe how fast ConventionPlanit.com was with the responses. It’s great."

Kimberly Marenus, Director of Events
City Chic Events
New York, New York

"I met ConventionPlanit.com at the Affordable Meetings Mid-America show and put them to work immediately with an RFP Valet® service request for European destinations. They responded quickly with tremendous research and attentiveness. I can’t wait to use them for my next RFP - the service is unbelievably helpful and best of all free!"

Lyndsey M. Krutein, Purchasing Manager
San Carlos, California

"I needed to find a property for our national sales meeting. Using the complimentary RFP Valet® service, I received quotes only from the types of properties we requested - Four Star/Diamond properties that could fit both our room rate and meeting space needs. We’ll have site inspections completed and a contract signed shortly. I gotta tell you, this whole process is impeccable through you. I can't imagine how much time it would have taken me to complete this process! And you can quote me!"

Laurie Hodge, Senior Event Planner/MarCom Specialist
EKOS Corporation
Bothell, Washington

"I came across ConventionPlanit.com while conducting research online, and I am sure glad I found them! The complimentary RFP Valet® service reduced the usual months-long ordeal of finding an appropriate venue, to a few short weeks. ConventionPlanit.com put us in touch with highly experienced contacts who made it all happen quickly and efficiently. We selected a Four Star/Diamond resort perfect for our meeting, and ConventionPlanit.com was the catalyst for coming to this decision. Thank you! I would recommend the RFP Valet® service to anyone in a minute."

Daneille Combee, Administrative Assistant
Kalos Financial, Inc.
Alpharetta, Georgia

"We were looking for several properties across the country to host some traveling educational programs, and ConventionPlanit.com got the job done quickly and found just what we needed. The RFP Valet® service is incredibly efficient and we got a personal phone call from the staff within minutes of posting our RFP to help us identify the best potential properties. We will use them next time as well!"

Megan Kalaski, Director of Meetings
Global Cold Chain Alliance
Alexandria, Virginia

"I just recently learned about ConventionPlanit.com when I faced a challenge booking a hotel on short notice in Boston, a tightly booked top-tier market. I love the automated RFP platform where I could easily attach my specs and send one e-mail to multiple properties listed on the ConventionPlanit.com site. When some of the hotels didn’t respond, the ConventionPlanit.com staff stepped in and provided personal support to make sure I got what I needed. The result: I booked the ideal hotel within a few days!"

Kelly D. Benge, Senior Administrative Manager
Cotton Incorporated
Cary, North Carolina

"Your assistance through the RFP Valet® service was invaluable! Virtually all the hotels sent a proposal in response to our RFP, and they all met our criteria. We were able to quickly narrow our search down to five very strong options to make our final decision. I would recommend ConventionPlanit.com and the RFP Valet® service to anyone."

Janine Spinks, Meeting Planner
Mason, Ohio

"Narrowing down qualified properties for several meetings at the same time from literally thousands of possibilities can be an overwhelming task. But the ConventionPlanit.com RFP Valet® service made it easy! Their free assistance helped us identify several excellent choices for a client, and their meetings are now booked and ready to go."

Neil Jacobsen, Team Leader
Christopherson Meetings & Incentives
Salt Lake City, Utah

"When I heard about ConventionPlanit.com, I put it into action immediately by sending 14 RFPs directly through the site to properties that could host our next meeting. The ConventionPlanit.com staff was also extremely helpful in following up with properties to make sure we got what we needed. The end result: An excellent contract with a great Four-Diamond resort that is ideal for our meeting!"

Ashley Dooley, Event Coordinator
Clockwork Home Services, Inc.
Sarasota, Florida

"I had more than 30 responses from hotels by using the RFP Valet® service! The timeliness of these proposals was important, and the extra effort you put in to make sure we got what we needed was much appreciated. I will definitely use your service again!"

Amanda Armstrong, Director of Events
Success Group International
Clayton, Missouri

"Sometimes an extra effort is really important in landing meetings business. I recently worked through ConventionPlanit.com to select a meeting site for a client's winter meeting using the RFP Valet® service. The personal attention I received from the ConventionPlanit.com executive was outstanding and helped me identify a few top properties to consider. One of the salespeople for the property in Cabo San Lucas even visited me in person with details about their proposal that helped sway the Board of Directors for the association to decide on that property. I was extremely pleased with the entire process."

Cherie Lee Williams, Owner
D.W.D. Enterprise Meeting and Event Planning
Los Angeles, California

"When my company needed a site in the Caribbean for our national sales meeting, ConventionPlanit.com quickly helped us narrow down hundreds of potential choices to just a few that met our criteria. I was impressed with how quickly we identified the properties that met our needs, and we ended up with three outstanding options for our final choice. Plus, all this assistance was completely free! I recommend the RFP Valet® service to anyone."

Marcy Olsen, Marketing Specialist
Miltex, Inc.
York, Pennsylvania

"The very best thing I’ve done all year is search the Internet and find ConventionPlanit.com. This was my first attempt at planning a sales meeting for my company, and I didn’t even know where to begin. At first I only looked at the hotels on the website and picked out a few I thought we might be interested in. The website is so well designed, I was able to filter on the exact type of property I was looking for, helping to narrow down my selection choices based on our needs. How convenient is that? But when I tried calling a couple of properties to get information, I really didn’t even know what to ask. I called the ConventionPlanit.com office and that was the second best thing I’ve done this year. I was given some really great advice, and after discussing our needs, they even sent out RFPs to more than 50 resort properties. And if that wasn’t enough, they followed up to be sure I was receiving feedback from the hotels. At first I didn’t get many responses, so again, ConventionPlanit.com stepped in and contacted these properties again. The responses started pouring in. I would recommend ConventionPlanit.com to anyone planning an event - from the novice (like me) to the experienced planner. They can save you a lot of phone calls, site searches, and headaches."

Janice Petty, Executive Assistant, Sales/Marketing
Zurn PEX, Inc.
Commerce, Texas

"I am a new meeting planner and although I have industry experience, it's been very overwhelming - it is like starting a whole new career! I recently attended the HSMAI Affordable Meetings National show in Washington DC, hoping to walk away with just a little information to help me with the meeting process. Boy, did I succeed!! The one piece of information I took away from the show was ConventionPlanit.com!! I cannot speak highly enough about this website. It has been an enormous help to me just over the last month alone. I get quick and targeted responses from hotels we are interested in. It has literally shaved hours of research time from the RFP process and as you know in this business - every extra moment counts! Recently, I used ConventionPlanit.com for an international meeting and because of the assistance I received, I quickly had many options for my client and we are on our way to finalizing a contract! Thank you to the ConventionPlanit.com for helping me become a more successful meeting planner!!!!"

Debbie Steckel, Corporate Meeting Planner
Gateway Travel Management
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"I was recently introduced to ConventionPlanit.com’s RFP Valet® service and I have already found it to be an invaluable tool. Within days of entering the requirements for our organization, I received proposals that allowed me to identify selected properties that met our criteria. I’m now ready for site selection and contract negotiations! I’ll never go back to the old way of doing RFPs! Thanks ConventionPlanit.com."

Linda S. Gibson, Director, Finance & Administration
Forest Resources Association, Inc.
Rockville, Maryland

"I found ConventionPlanit referenced in a meeting planner magazine website and it has made a world of difference. Our company holds an annual conference in different cities every year and the process of finding hotels to fit our criteria as well as the lengthy process of filling out RFP's for each one has been a daunting task. Not only did our ConventionPlanit representative narrow the search based upon our meeting specifications, they also assisted in making sure we had all the information that the hotels needed in the RFP's so the proposals received were precise the first time. I had most of the proposals the same day I had completed the questions through the RFP Valet® service. Another advantage I found is when we had to change our RFP, our representative sent the information for us to all the hotels we submitted the original RFP to and we had revised proposals the same day. You can only benefit from utilizing ConventionPlanit."

Karin Scott-Bay, Meeting Planner
Precision Castparts Corp.
Portland, Oregon

"I found ConventionPlanit.com via a major search engine. I was looking for any assistance with sending out multiple RFP’s to hotels in different regions of the USA, Caribbean, Bahamas, etc. when I stumbled upon their web portal. This is a WONDERFUL site to keep as one of your favorites. Normally, we don’t use CVB’s for our business, but this time we needed to save time, get a quick response, and get out multiple requests at once ... that is what we got thru ConventionPlanit.com. I sent an email with my brief RFP requirements and what areas I was interested in and within a few hours … I was receiving callbacks for one of our top corporate clients. I just want to say THANKS to the ConventionPlanit.com team for making my job and search very efficient. I'm so glad I found your site!! "

Samaria Williams, Meetings & Event Manager
Convention Management Associates
Las Vegas, Nevada

"I saw ConventionPlanit.com advertised in a meeting planners magazine. As the only meeting planner for my company, I’m swamped with events and finding a venue can be a very time-consuming. When I contacted ConventionPlanit.com, I was excited to get the professionalism and help I needed. I found several venue options for my meetings and even made contacts for future meetings. I appreciate the help and follow-up for each of my requests. It’s nice to know we are not alone and have companies out there to give us a helping hand!"

Madelyn Cancel, CME, Conference and Events Director
Intergraph Corporation
Atlanta, Georgia

"We wanted help in finding the very best site for our client's next meeting. ConventionPlanit.com gave us just what we needed through its RFP Valet® service. Within a few days we had several excellent proposals from qualified properties, and chose one for our event. I would recommend this service to anyone!"

Martha Arradondo, CMP, President
Arradondo Planning Group, Inc.
St. Louis Park, Minnesota

"I want to thank the ConventionPlanit.com team for their RFP Valet® service. My company is planning an annual international conference in Miami in March. I had manually submitted RFP’s to several hotels in the Miami area but received a very poor response. Once I filled out the RFP on ConventionPlanit.com, I immediately heard from a member of their staff to make sure they had all the details of my meeting clear and to determine exactly what my needs were. I then instantly received a response listing several hotels that would work well for my meeting and ConventionPlanit.com forwarded my needs on to those hotels. I received instant response from those venues. I have signed an excellent contract with one of the hotels on their list and know my meeting will be a success thanks to the help of the ConventionPlanit.com team."

DeAnna Marcotte, Manager of Administration
Rollingsville, Colorado

"We needed an affordable property for our Stewardship Conference in the Boston suburbs, and we needed a particular time pattern to make it work. Using the ConventionPlanit.com RFP Valet® service, we identified several options and picked the best one following site inspections. The RFP Valet® service made the process extremely simple and allowed us to find the best venue. The staff of ConventionPlanit.com followed up via phone calls and e-mails to make sure we received the proposals by our deadline."

Diane Brumbaugh, Stewardship Services Assistant
Our Sunday Visitor, Inc.
Huntington, Indiana

"I absolutely LOVE ConventionPlanit.com. I recently participated in a survey conducted by a European Tourism Bureau -- they wanted to know which websites I use as a resource for conferences/congresses, etc. I only put ConventionPlanit.com down. I don't think I need to look any further."

Virginia Quintero Rosell, CMM, CMP, Principal
Chamber Partnerships International LLC
Woodbridge, Virginia

"The ConventionPlanit.com website stands out among thousands of websites like a wildflower in a field of weeds! It’s easy to use, full of information and educational as well. One of the best items is the Stellar Tips. I pick up great ideas every month just reading them. This website is an invaluable resource to be used again and again!"

Karen Freeman, CMP, Meeting Planner
VSR Financial Services, Inc.
Overland Park, Kansas

"We had a very important meeting with multiple breakouts that we had to book less than two months out. ConventionPlanit.com quickly swung into action through its RFP Valet® service and soon we had several properties to choose from. Their diligence made it happen! I consider it a miracle that we found the right property with so little lead time."

Patrice Turnbow, Meeting Coordinator
USDA Forest Service
Arlington, Virginia

"Getting a representative’s unsolicited phone call is too often an annoyance, but the call I received recently from ConventionPlanit.com brought this hidden gem of a web site to my attention is now looked back upon as a welcome one. I’ll use this ‘time saver’ site often for future meeting planning."

Robert Abbott, Director - Corporate Marketing Communication
Mueller Co.
Decatur, Illinois

"A great resource for anyone dealing with all the details involved in putting together a seminar, meeting or event. Many tips can be found on the site that will insure greater efficiency!"

Jan Wills, Marketing Assistant
Quarles & Brady LLP
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"Thanks for putting together such an excellent website! As the members of our management team are stationed throughout North America, there isn't much opportunity for brainstorming. Thus, whenever I get stymied, the first place I turn is Convention Planit. The samples and checklists, not to mention the Stellar Tips, always get my creative juices flowing. Thanks for the great resource!"

Elizabeth Burke Brown, Executive Director
Information Display and Entertainment Association
Las Cruces, New Mexico

"Thank you for all of your help. I have over 26 properties from Arizona that have responded. Your service has been a tremendous help; I wish I had used you from the beginning because it would have saved me a lot of time! I will keep ConventionPlanit.com in mind the next time I need to gather proposals from multiple hotels."

Sara Pitts, Meeting Planner
United Healthcare
Richmond, Virginia

"As a very busy Publisher/Meeting Planner my time is precious. ConventionPlanit.com has proved to be a great tool for gathering RFP's. The response has been tremendous, the venues are just right and my time saved is invaluable. Thanks ConventionPlanit.com - you're my number one resource moving forward!"

Carla Housh, Publisher
Incident Prevention
Cary, Illinois

"RFP Valet® was extremely valuable to me in selecting a property. ConventionPlanit.com provided personalized service to match my needs with the best properties available according to my specifications."

Becky Youngman, President-Elect
Florida Foreign Language Association
Lake Worth, Florida

"ConventionPlanit.com is fast and efficient. I especially like having industry resources at my fingertips."

Karen Malone, Vice President of Meetings
Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society
Chicago, Illinois

"Over the past year ConventionPlanit.com has expanded my universe of contacts - it's a one-stop shop and the best on the net! Congratulations and keep reaching for the stars."

Windy Christner, CMP, Senior Director of Meetings & Expositions
American Pharmacists Association
Washington, DC

"I read about ConventionPlanit.com in a meeting magazine and went to the website. I was impressed by two specific areas: The first was the planners tip section. As our conferences and meetings are more often than not in the same city, we are limited in our use of other properties. With that as the groundwork, using an RFP is not a tool I need on a regular basis (which is one of the highlights of this site). However, I have had my highest rate of success by learning from others, what has worked, and hasn't worked, and this is a perfect platform for that. They say nothing is better than experieince as a your teacher, and using others' tips proves that over and over.

The second area I was impressed with was the reference to APEX. I've been involved with APEX almost since it started and find it refreshing when I see it referenced by organizations/facilities/websites based in the meeting industry. We have to keep getting the word out on APEX and ConventionPlanit.com is helping to make that happen."

Bobbie Connolly, CMP, Member Services Coordinator
Alegent NPG Health-Link
Lincoln, Nebraska

"As many event planner do, I spend a large part of my day doing research. If I'm not in the middle of working on a group in Chicago - I'm trying to figure out where the next group will go or where my next group will come from. ConventionPlanit.com has loads of great ideas with lots of invaluable facts and resourses. I enjoy just 'clicking' through the headings to see what's been added, who's new and who has done what to their properties ~ it' s an afternoon of education without leaving my desk! Many of the books I used all the time -- now just sit on the shelf -- I have ConventionPlanit.com right in front of me every day. Thanks for making it so easy."

Susan J. Rosen, President
In the Event
Palatine, Illinos

"ConventionPlanit.com should be listed on every meeting planners’ “favorites” list of Web sites. The site is truly a one-stop shop. Search for cities, CVBs, DMCs, hotels, restaurants, etc. You name it, they have it – even a “stellar tips” page with great time-saving and cost-saving ideas."

Karin M. Soyster, CMP, CAE, Association Consultant
Washington, DC

"Thank you so much for providing information regarding the hotel/convention industry. There have been many times that I have logged on to ConventionPlanit.com to find out what is new and exciting in our industry. Also, you provide new ways to keep up with industry practices. Keep up the good work!"

Carol Stahulak, Conference Planning Manager
Q Center
St. Charles, California

"ConventionPlanit.com is a fantastic resource. I facilitate training sessions for our administrative assistants who plan the occasional meeting and always refer them to your website for a "one-stop shopping" source. The Stellar Tips often provide effective ideas for saving money, producing a more effective meeting, enhancing the attendee experience and other benefits. The links to magazines and other resources is also valuable when I'm pressed for time and trying to find information quickly. Thanks for providing this great service to busy meeting planners."

Kathleen Zwart, Management Development Specialist
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida
Jacksonville, Florida

"Logging onto ConventionPlanit.com always gives me great ideas, and points to ponder. I love poking around in the Industry Information section, not to mention checking out all the Stellar Tips...... They're great!"

Lori Giovenco, Meeting Coordinator
The Laureli Group, Inc.
Torrance, California

"I am very impressed with ConventionPlanit.com which has to be a different and efficient tool in order to get planners to utilize it, and it is! I am especially impressed with the growth in content over the last few years."

Gail M. Tannenbaum, CMP, Director, Meetings
GMT Associates
Falls Church, Virginia

"Thanks to ConventionPlanit.com, I have a comprehensive online resource to help me 'fill in the blanks' for my myriad planning needs. I've researched cities, facilities and vendors for many meetings. The "For Planners Only" section features a wealth of information for both novices and seasoned professionals."

Patti Korshalla, CMP, Director of Meeting Planning Services
Scientific Therapeutics Information, Inc.
Springfield, New Jersey

"I learned about ConventionPlanit.com at a conference for meeting professionals and find it invaluable in helping me find venues for my seminars quickly and with ease. It's simple to send my RFPs instead of having to fill out the hotel's RFP each time. I check the website daily to find extremely practical information."

Kelly J. Dickson, Program Director
Childhood Communication Seminars
Cranston, Rhode Island

"As someone new to convention planning, ConventionPlanit.com is an excellent resource. I was able to find the information I needed, and delighted to have help from the 'Planit Master' himself, David Markham. After a visit to the web site and a few pointers from David, I was able to get great results! ConventionPlanit.com ROCKS!"

Sherry Anderson, Association Manager
Synergisticx, Inc.
Asheville, North Carolina

"As I experience a majority of today's 'To Do' list being added to tomorrow's 'To Do' list because of too many demands on my time, it is great to discover a website that will help me 'PlanIt' and make my days much more efficient. I look forward to using the site so that one day, again, I can spend time talking and exploring ideas and opportunities with other meeting planners and with others in the industry rather than spending all my time 'doing' things. Perhaps you soon will be known as the 'search engine that could.'"

Fred Williams, Convention Manager
Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication
Columbia, South Carolina

"The service is a great tool and I will definitely keep you bookmarked for further use."

Anne Harding, Meeting Planner
Electronic Data Systems
Dallas, Texas

"Wonderful site! So many valuable tools and tips and information - thank you!!"

Susie L. Riedthaler, Event Manager/Contracting Officer
Employee Education System (EES), Department of Veterans Affairs
Salt Lake Ciy, Utah

"Congratulations on your site! It will be a helpful resource. I especially appreciate the links to other industry organizations and to the APEX guidelines."

Marie M. Shaw, CMP, Director of Meeting Services
American Association of Diabetes Educators
Chicago, Illinois

"What an amazing resource! I'm delighted to know about this."

Shannon Alford, Conference Center Manager
Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld, LLP
Washington, DC

"I'm extremely impressed! Your website is amazing! I will definitely use it when planning Tommy Hilfiger events!"

Barbara Serbes, Project Manager, Retail Training Services
Tommy Hilfiger, USA, Inc.
New York City, New York

"I have only had a few minutes to look at your site, but I am totally impressed. Can't wait to get home where I can spend some time with it. Thank you!"

Jan Collins, Executive Assistant to the President
Institute for Business & Home Safety
Tampa, Florida

"The site looks great and very informative."

Stephanie Blaine, CMP, Meetings Manager
Booz, Allen, Hamilton
McLean, Virginia

"I was delighted to receive the email with the link to your web site. Great job!!! I look forward to visiting often."

Sandra Kyles, CMP, Director, Meetings & Administration
International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration
Arlington, Virginia

"This site is EXCELLENT! Everything I've ever wanted as a conference planning tool."

Julia Tolbert
Silver Spring, Maryland

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