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The planning and production process of virtual events is quite different from live events, the terrain is still quite unfamiliar to many. Overall, the format presents new challenges. That's why has created this Request for Proposal (RFP) template specifically designed to help you create an inclusive list of event specifications. From the platform and tech options to support, with this form we’ll walk you through the critical questions you need to ask when sourcing a virtual partner.

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Event overview

Event name and purpose

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Event length (duration)

Event length (duration)

Pre-event access

Post-event access

Type of event (virtual, hybrid, multi-location, etc.)

Event budget

Event history

If you are you converting an in-person meeting to a virtual meeting, what website or agenda do you want to replicate?

Has the event been held virtually before?


What is the attendee profile?

Where is the audience located/time zones?

How many emcees

How many presenters

How many speakers

Where are the speakers located/time zones?

Program details

Where are the speakers located/time zones?

How many sessions?

Are any sessions concurrent?




Individual presenters

Educational tracks

Sponsor spaces

Exhibitor spaces

Breakout sessions


Type of content to be streamed

Audio only

Sponsored content

Interactivity needs

Audience response
Scavenger hunt

Event mobile app
Closed captioning
Translation services


Free (unrestricted access)
Require payment
Restricted but free

Where will your content usage data be sent?

Custom landing page
Social media platform(s)

Organization’s website

 How long will the content be available?


Data points to be captured

# of RSVP’s
# of attendees

Attendee participation/duration
Attendee interaction

Do you need video snippets for a content marketing campaign?

Selection process

Who will be making the final provider selection and what is your target date for having a contract in place?

Response deadline

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